Tell This Catholic High School to Cancel Musical that Depicts Jesus as a Vulgar Clown

  • December 02, 2019
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Starting on Dec. 6, Bishop Luers Catholic High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is planning to stage a winter musical called Godspell.  Unfortunately, the play presents a twisted version of God by depicting Jesus as a vulgar, irreverent clown, living in a junkyard.

Produced by the hippie counter-culture in 1970, Godspell mocks Our Lord and portrays Him as an afro-haired, face-painted clown, wearing a superman shirt.  Even worse, the Jesus figure in the musical is “crucified” electrocuted on a chain-link fence. There is no Resurrection.

Please help us oppose Godspell at Bishop Luers High School.

Contact information (please be polite yet firm):

Mr. James Huth
Principal, Bishop Luers High School
333 E Paulding Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46816
[email protected]